100+ Waheguru Quotes to Motivate Yourself

Waheguru Quotes to Motivate Yourself

The most widely used name for the god by the Sikhs is Waheguru, which means ‘wonderful enlightener’. Sikhs believe that there is only one God, who created everything.

A Short Introduction to Waheguru and Sikhi

  • The Universal Name of God, Waheguru – Know Him
  • World Religion – Is it a coincidence or your destiny?

A gurmatir akash devaa tu me acha, Sar gayi bhai :

My brother, when I die, if you are a Muslim then I will be reincarnated as a Muslim. If you are a Christian then I will be reincarnated as a Christian. If you are a Hindu then I will be reincarnated as a Hindu. If you are a Buddhist then I will be reincarnated as a Buddhist. I am becoming different people so that you can learn to be happy.

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Best Waheguru quotes for you

Though I travel through the world

And scatter those grains of sand on every corner of the Earth

While it is spread out below me

The waters are free and open

No doors or barriers could block their flow

The sky is my canvas

The clouds my brush.

Today when you see that branch with leaves on it, you will know the answer to one question.

Did Waheguru touch that branch with His magic wand, or did it grow on its own?

Do not look at water in the pond and only think of fishes swimming in it.

Think of me, I am that fish in that pond.

Don’t be distressed by the events of your life.

They are created by you, with you as the creator.

On the inside, people are not the same as on the outside.

Two waters cannot mix.

Powerful Waheguru Quotes to Remind You That You’re Not Alone

I am not alone. Guru Nanak Dev ji says, “If you look to the outside, it is only the world and you think it is lonely. You must see from inside, it is only one with you.

There are no problems that cannot be solved when we know the one who created them.

If you are in the darkness of the inner heart, you will know that light and freedom are inside you.

Life can be good or bad. You can either find courage to fight the darkness, or go down into the pit. This is your decision.

I am the light of this world and I am also the true light of your own heart.

There are many people suffering in this world because of ignorance. They are blind and don’t know that they are also connected with darkness.

It is up to you to open your eyes to be able to see the truth.

The Power of Kirtan

If you like the sound of this great video, you can subscribe to the free audio program of Kirtan recorded by Baba Hari Dass. Baba Hari Dass is a world-renowned Bhakti Yoga master.

Baba Hari Dass explains the meaning of this series of chants:

It is about kirtan which is the channelled divine message that is expressed through the mantra Om Namah Shivaya. It is about soul. It is about love. It is about God. It is about the unsearchable divine essence of who you are. And when we share this with others, what comes through is an expression of a higher way of being in the world.

Best Waheguru quotes on Kirtan

Kirtan is like breathing in and breathing out. When you breathe in, you are doing a form of kirtan. When you breathe out, you are doing a form of kirtan.

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Waheguru quotes for happiness

If the radiance of a small lamp can fill the whole room, the whole world can be filled by the radiance of a single mantra.

Think of it. Then think of it in positive words. Then think of it with positive actions.

Everyone has a star. Try to bring his / her star to light.

When we learn to respect, revere and love others, the power of goodness and compassion will flow naturally from our hearts. This, then, is the true secret of wisdom.


Waheguru quotes to inspire you

A Person should be so lucky as to possess his own body and mind. He should be alive to enjoy both these bodies and minds as long as his life lasts.

— Waheguru ji.

Did you know that Waheguru ji in a saying said:

Praise God, in whatever circumstances I am, happy, sad, near to God, far from God, have no difference between Him and me, let His Spirit enter my heart and body.

Waheguru Quotes About Life

The Name of the One Who Works For You

He created a servant that you may be like Him and work for him. He gave you His name as your seal, your shelter and your protection.

The Power of God in Your Life

You Can Do What You Like – But You Can’t Do What You Want

Wisdom Is Only Present When You Know Who You Are.

As Your Beloved Samaheeevara

Our true selves are revealed through our deeds.

The Grace of God in Our Lives

Grace is the Only Real Rewards in Life

God’s bounty is being used to further the welfare of mankind and people.

Almsgiving is a Part of God’s Grace

You have nothing to give to the world; therefore, you must give it to God.

The Creator has given this whole world to be our home.

God has given you the opportunity to be with Him.

Here we have discussed the 99 most powerful and useful Waheguru ji quotes to you, it is one of the fastest way to learn jis, we’ve always been sharing Waheguru quotes about life, don’t be satisfied with one or two, explore 100+ wonderful one quotes.

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