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Steve Jobs Quotes pdf-Some people think Steve Jobs is one of the greatest business minds to have ever lived. Others say he was an over-ambitious, self-centered jerk who cared more about his ego than Apple’s success. I could not disagree with these statements more. The way Apple has changed the world is undeniable and Jobs’ vision surely deserves all the credit it can get for this innovation in technology that has made our lives easier in so many ways. And while Jobs may have had a few flaws, he also had qualities that are hard to find in any other human being: perfectionism, creativity, passion, intelligence.These are just some examples of what make him such an inspirational figure for me personally. You can also read Steve Jobs biography for more information in deep.

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Steve Jobs quotes are important to read. Steve was an influential person in the world of technology, and these quotes offer insight into his thoughts on different areas of life. It’s impossible to find a quote that applies universally because every individual has their own perspective. The following is a collection of Steve Job’s most powerful quotes about work, success, family, creativity and innovation.
As you scroll through this list of timeless wisdom from one of the world’s greatest minds take note that many times he speaks about doing something insanely great or insanely simple- genius can be found anywhere! The best way to live your life is by making sure you’re always proud of what you’re working on.

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I’ve compiled a list of my personal favorites Steve Jobs quotes .These inspirational words from the late, great Steve Jobs will motivate you to push forward and do what you love.

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