[PDF] Gautam Buddha Quotes in Hindi pdf download

Gautam Buddha Quotes in Hindi pdf download

The full name of Gautam Buddha was Siddhartha Gautama Buddha. Gautam Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal, near Kapilvastu, between 483 and 563 AD. Mahamaya Devi, the queen of Kapilvastu, on her way to her Pehar Devdah, experienced labor pains and gave birth to a child. His father’s name was Shuddhodhana, who was the king of Shakya. According to traditional legends, his mother was Mayadevi, who belonged to the Koli clan, who died 7 days after Siddhartha’s birth. Thereafter he was raised by his aunt and the second queen of Shuddodhana (Mahaprajavati Gautami). After which he was named Siddharth. Below down are some beautiful gautam buddha Quotes in Hindi

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Whose name means “one who is born to attain Siddhi”. That is, the perfect soul whom Siddhartha proved by his actions by becoming Gautam Buddha. At the time of his birth, a monk had predicted that this child would be a great king or a preacher of a great religion and later Gautam Buddha proved this prediction of Sadhu Maharaj to be correct and he became the originator of holy Buddhism and society. By removing the evils spread in them, he improved the society to a great extent.

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