50+ Best Bhagavad Gita Quotes That Will Change Your Life

The Bhagavad Gita: A Quick Summary and Quotes That Will Change Your Life

Bhagavad Gita QuotesThe Bhagavad Gita was written by the Hindu philosopher Bhagavan Maharshi. He wrote the poem after experiencing a terrible tragedy and losing everything. This poem is one of the most influential spiritual scriptures on the planet, and is attributed to have great influence on the history and development of Hinduism, and particularly of Hinduism in the Americas, more particularly among the many converts to Hinduism who have received influence by many of the descendants of those Indians who were converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Bhagavad Gita begins with a very strong statement, challenging all readers to experience the revelation, the divinely inspired inner voice of enlightenment:

You are the only people in the world who can understand Me.

Understanding the Gita

The Gita is an extremely rich spiritual book and contains many details on life. The Gita reveals God’s mission to mankind, telling us about the nature of God, God’s glory, his plan for creation, sin, and how to bring sin under the control of God. It is a guide for mankind to follow the path to eternal salvation.

  • Gita Invented by Lord Krishna
  • How to Read The Gita
  • Rishi Vishvamitra created the Gita, which was the basis for the Brahma Sutra.

The following is from wikipedia, i found it very interesting to learn the basics of Gita, and further i would love to learn more on it.

The vast Vedic literature (3000 – 1500 BCE), with some other derivative texts, served as the earliest extensive literature available to the present-day Hindus, though this may be an overestimate.

The Three Gunas

Tattva in Sanskrit means three things:

Tattva indicates any characteristic of the universe;

trait or quality; and from what source it originates.

And we can actually see the three gunas in action every day.

Having a bit of ghee (clarified butter) in our breakfast is usually accompanied by lots of eggs and chicken (chicken is a ghee bird). The churned and fresh butter that we consume on our eggs is the Shiva guna of the environment, the Vedic goddess Lakshmi in her natural form, and our body.

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On the other hand, our water is the Shyaama guna, or the milk of the cow, and the cow is our maternal holy mother. When we eat dairy products, our Shyaama guna is satisfied and the Shiva guna goes into its nirvana.

Karma Yoga

One of the most important takeaways of the Bhagavad gita is Karma Yoga. The Gita gives a deep understanding of Karma Yoga and different types of karma which are collected in chapter six of the Bhagavad gita.

Karma Yoga is the most important section of the Bhagavad gita and is perhaps the most fascinating one.

In this part of the gita, Lord Krishna teaches about a type of karma called karmahood. This section gives you the ultimate lesson of karma which is, to fulfill your desires on earth by doing service for others.

The 4-stage process of the Bhagavad gita

These steps are detailed in the fourth chapter of the Gita. The fourth chapter is also called Artha sikha, Artha jnana and Karma yoga nadis.

Bhagavad gita quotes on positive thinking

When we do something, we must believe that it is impossible for anything to hinder or obstruct us.

Every single person on earth is a god.

The chain of events will be as if there was no power in the universe.

It’s a good thing to dream, but it is a bad thing to dream without direction.

In the class of nature, there are neither good nor bad. These two qualities are in man.

All life is pain. Everything exists only to suffer and to rejoice.

Everything comes to an end, even the eternities, the beliefs, the desire, the love, the knowledge, the desire to grow and the desire to stay alive.

When you develop the power to endure, not to fear, and not to hate, you will become immortal.

Our deepest longing will be satisfied, if we understand that everything ends.

Bhagavad gita quotes on karma

How to live your life the right way

Attaining nirvana is not about becoming wise, it is about ceasing to be a fool.

That man is who I become, and not what I become. The point is that the change is non-essential. The process of changing is what is essential.

Once you become what you are meant to be, the whole world is as it is meant to be.

Am I what I desire? Am I not? To the Self that you are, this is no question. If I look at it with the knowledge you describe of yourself, I see my desire, my joy, my vanity, my pride, my grief, my patience, my intolerance, my love, my hatred, my fame, my disgrace, my pain, my fear, my courage, my confidence, my discouragement, and my happiness, always growing, always being present.

Deluded by desire you worshipped the apple.

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Best 10 Quotes from the Bhagavad Gita

When we know the difference between God and the passions and emotions of humanity, the whole world opens up before us.

Let us live accordingly.

A great saint came to the Naga sages in a dream, and told them to receive him in procession at the durgah.

When he arrived, he met the Divine Naga incarnate, who was seated at the head of the throne.

The saint said, “I have heard of your yogic powers.

The Naga told him, “Your tongue is dung, your body is dung, your intellect is dung. Even as you speak, you are talking dung.

Then the saint embraced the Divine Naga and bowed to him.

The saint left, and all of a sudden he found himself at the bottom of a pit.

Key themes in the Bhagavad Gita

The conversation with Kumar begins with a few questions regarding whether or not the Bhagavad Gita is a true exposition of the self, and if the Self is all that matters in this life.

All spiritual literature is oriented toward the realization of the Self and the supremacy of the Self. When in one way or the other, the self is the essence of its literature, then one is calling that literature `Self-Truth.’ One can say that the Self of the Bhagavad Gita and of the Yogic literature is the Self.

~Rakesh Sharma

 The Self is the essence of its literature,” meaning that the Bhagavad Gita is an embodiment of the Self.

Karma and dharma

Karma is what we do or don’t do in this life or on our next lives. While this fact may seem beyond anyone’s comprehension, karma is something we have to start examining and understanding from an early age and continuing on through our lives, especially if we want to get to a better place with the big issues in life, like forgiveness and compassion for others.

You have karma when you do bad things or you do good things that bring benefit to another. And that benefit returns to you at some point in your future. You will be able to feel it when it happens. So, in the simplest terms, you should always be on the look out for your karma in life. It will bring you back to it.


The Enlightened Soul Has The Spiritual Power To Manifest Anything It Wants

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You Want To Know How To Manifest Anything? Follow These Simple Steps

Jnana No. 1: Embrace The Process

Become Spiritual, Don’t Be Spiritual.

The Proper Use Of Meditation In The Result Of Inner Divination

If You Are Trained In The Process Of Inner Divination And Meditation, You Will Get Accomplished If It Is For Your Purposes

Jnana No. 2: Accept The Process

Once you accept this process, you will feel the energy in yourself.

Look At It As An Opportunity To Go Above And Beyond You

Once you embrace the process, things will become easier and easier.


The path to yoga is summarized by the wise Yogi Caitanya in the eighth chapter of his great book Patanjali’s Yoga, Yoga Sutras:

All you need is faith. Faith that you are on the path to the Supreme. This path is called yoga and, without faith, nothing remains. You only have faith when you are ready to lay down your life. You must be willing to attain understanding. You must want to go and not simply stand and watch your world spinning around you. You must want to sacrifice all you have to take the teachings that are offered you. You must be willing to face your own problems and to look for the answers in those problems and those answers will not be given to you. You must become the one who learns to solve the problems that confront you.

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